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Open Terminal

Open terminal to the current path of the finder window.


Simply navigate, in Finder, to the directory you want to open in Terminal (or iTerm2) and hit the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift+s and this plugin will open it for you.


Add the package to your plugins array in ./zazurc.js.



You can overwrite the keyboard shortcut by defining a variable with the name OpenTerminalKey.

  name: 'amjith/zazu-mac-open-terminal',
  variables: {
    OpenTerminalKey: 'alt+shift+t',

The default behavior is to open the finder directory in Terminal. If you wish to use iTerm2 instead you can change that preference here as well.

  name: 'amjith/zazu-mac-open-terminal',
  variables: {
    OpenTerminalKey: 'alt+shift+t',
    terminal: 'iterm2',