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Capstone Project for IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
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Clustering and Comparing the Neighborhoods of New York City and Toronto

This is the repository for the capstone project of IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. In this project, the neighborhoods of New York City and Toronto are clustered into groups of similar neighborhoods where the similarity is based on the categories (types) of venues in the neighborhoods.

Foursquare API was used to retrieve data on the venues of the neighborhoods and their categories.

Files in this Repository

This repository contains the following files:

  • The Report.pdf file is the PDF report of the project. It contains detailed explanation of the stages of the project.
  • The Notebook.ipynb file is the Jupyter notebook that contains all the code used to conduct the project. newyork_data.json file is needed when running the notebook code.

You can also read my blog post about this project here.

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