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wf-recorder is a utility program for screen recording of wlroots-based compositors (more specifically, those that support wlr-screencopy-v1 and xdg-output). Its dependences are ffmpeg, wayland-client and wayland-protocols.



Arch users can use wf-recorder-git from the AUR.

yay -S wf-recorder-git 

from source

git clone && cd wf-recorder
meson build --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release
ninja -C build

Now you can just run ./build/wf-recorder or install it with sudo ninja -C build install.


Use -f <filename> to specify the output file. In case of multiple outputs, you'll first be prompted to select the output you want to record. If you know the output name beforehand, you can use the -o <output name> option.

To select a specific part of the screen you can either use the -g <geometry>, or use slurp for interactive selection of the area

wf-recorder -g "$(slurp)"

to select and limit the recording to a part of the screen.

To specify a codec, use the -c <codec> option. To modify codec parameters, use -p <option_name>=<option_value>

To use gpu encoding, use a VAAPI codec (for ex. h264_vaapi) and specify a GPU device to use with the -d option:

wf-recorder -f test-vaapi.mkv -c h264_vaapi -d /dev/dri/renderD128
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