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Also provides rudimentary OAuth2 support, tested against facebook connect and github. For more complete usage examples please take a look
at connect-auth (
+If you're running a node.js version more recent than 0.4 then you will need to use a version of node.js greater than or equal to 0.9.0.
+If you're running a node.js version in the 0.2x stable branc, then you will need to use version 0.8.4.
+Please be aware that when moving from 0.8.x to 0.9.0 there are no major API changes your, I've bumped the semi-major version element
+so that I can release fixes to the 0.8.x stream if problems come out.
Change History
+* 0.9.0 - Compatibility fixes to bring node-oauth up to speed with node.js 0.4x [thanks to Rasmus Andersson for starting the work ]
* 0.8.4 - Fixed issue #14 (Parameter ordering ignored encodings). Added support for repeated parameter names. Implements issue #15 (Use native SHA1 if available, 10x speed improvement!). Fixed issue #16 (Should use POST when requesting access tokens.). Fixed Issue #17 (OAuth2 spec compliance). Implemented enhancement #13 (Adds support for PUT & DELETE http verbs). Fixes issue #18 (Complex/Composite url arguments [thanks novemberborn])
* 0.8.3 - Fixed an issue where the auth header code depended on the Array's toString method (Yohei Sasaki) Updated the getOAuthRequestToken method so we can access google's OAuth secured methods. Also re-implemented and fleshed out the test suite.
* 0.8.2 - The request returning methods will now write the POST body if provided (Chris Anderson), the code responsible for manipulating the headers is a bit safe now when working with other code (Paul McKellar) and tweaked the package.json to use index.js instead of main.js

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