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Merge pull request #41 from yosssi/master

Fixed the typo error of the
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2 parents 5a8f2df + 2c6dfa5 commit 86e8ae120288f47d45b5c765ea795233e87118e8 @ammmir committed Jul 31, 2014
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ The OAuth2Provider instance providers two middleware:
* `oauth()`: OAuth flow entry and access token generation
* `login()`: Access control for protected resources
-The most importand event emitted by OAuth2Provider is `access_token`, which
+The most important event emitted by OAuth2Provider is `access_token`, which
lets you set up the request as if it were authenticated. For example, to
support both cookie-authenticated and OAuth access to protected URLs, you
could populate `req.session.user` so that individual URLs don't need to

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