Fix abuse of EventEmitter for callbacks #3

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ammmir commented Sep 8, 2011

Maybe subclassing or delegation would be better...

timoxley commented Jul 6, 2012


ammmir commented Jul 6, 2012

i'm not sure how serious i was about this... please provide some inspiration for a better api.

timoxley commented Jul 6, 2012

Events make sense if are likely going to have multiple listeners, but in this case, you're only going to provide a single listener to those events (in-fact, because you're passing a callback, multiple listeners doesn't even make sense). Just provide overridable functions.

// roughly
var provider = OAuth2Provider.create({
  access_token: function() {

  lookup_grant: function(client_id, client_secret, code, next) {

  create_access_token: function(user_id, client_id, next) {

  save_access_token: function(user_id, client_id, atok) {

  remove_grant: function() {
      // etc
oveddan commented Sep 25, 2012

You could also do it via dependency injection - I always prefer composition over inheritance:

The provider would act as an api, and contain a token repository. This way you have two cohesive classes, one is public facing and the other is purely responsible for saving data. You could still emit the event for backwards compatibility, but I would have that done through a contained EventEmitter rather than base one.

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