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A simple deployment server for GitHub post-receive hooks.
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A simple deployment server for GitHub post-receive hooks.


Create an executable file in the root of your repo that will perform post-receive actions to deploy the new code, such as calling npm update and restarting your app.

Start the server with:

./octoploy.js /path/to/repo

octoploy doesn't have any security or access control, so be sure to put it behind a reverse proxy or use a firewall to restrict access. It listens on by default.

When a notification payload is received from GitHub, octoploy runs git pull and executes ./ in the repo. Don't forget to add a deploy key to your repo on GitHub so the user account that octoploy runs under has access to your code.

octoploy doesn't offer rollback, so just commit a new change and push it so it can be deployed as usual.

nginx config

In your nginx configuration, add an upstream:

upstream octoploy {

In your server block, add a secret location that will forward requests to octoploy:

location = /_/yourSecretStringHere/deploy {
  proxy_pass http://octoploy;

octoploy doesn't care what URL hits it, so any location will do. Use the full URL when configuring the post-receive hook on GitHub.

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