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Experiment: Recoil vs Muzzle Velocity

Read the full article which investigates the relationship between Recoil and Muzzle Velocity.

Experiment details

25 rounds were fired for this experiment, which was conducted on 2018-08-27.

  • 5 rounds sighters/foulers (preloaded bipod)
  • 10 rounds fired with preloaded bipod technique
  • 10 rounds fired with free-recoil technique

Note: The Pressure Trace II system failed to record the first sighter/fouler shot. To compensate for the discrepency, I archived this shot on the MagnetoSpeed chronograph to keep it separate from the remaining captured data.

Arduino-based acceleration sensor

Software is available in the arduino/ directory.

Ammunition detail

Rifle detail

Built by Spartan Precision Rifles.

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