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2019-02-22 (v 2.1.0)

  • Code cleanups (use functions, better comments)
  • Use more config variables
  • Drop delta from data output, but leave it in debug logging
  • Increase acceleration precision to 3 digits (configurable)
  • Use stop_us output to better coincide with acceleration timing (I think)

2019-02-19 (v 2.0.0)

  • Changed accelerometer from 4G to 8G range.
  • Changed acceleration output from m/s² to G since it's metric/imperial agnostic.
  • Called directly instead of lis.getEvent() for a very small speed boost (but mostly to avoid conversion from G to m/s².
  • Set accelerometer to faster data rate (unsure this has an effect due to issues in the library).
  • Use SDFat library to support long filenames.
  • Uses a full timestamp for the output filename (e.g. 201902171830.csv).
  • Set I2C speed to fast mode.
  • Define the column units (e.g. µs, G) in the header row to reduce disk usage.
  • Dropped millis() from output (same info provided by micros()).
  • Dropped battery voltage from output.
  • Dropped acceleration range from output (inconsequential).
  • Use unsigned long variables to reduce overhead.
  • Call the unixtime() just once at start up and use micros() to estimate time afterward (shaved off 30ms per loop).
  • Dropped the motion-detection aspect of data writing and simply write the data to the SD card every 800 loops.

2019-01-04 (v 1.0.0)

  • Initial check-in