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Ammolytics Project: Inexpensive Firearm Accelerometer

This project was first featured in an article which investigated the effects Recoil has on Muzzle Velocity, and was described in more detail in a later article.


The Arduino software for this project is in the sensor_logger.ino file. It's based on the example code from Adafruit for the LIS3DH sensor.



There are excellent guides available from both Adafruit and Sparkfun which explain how to wire the sensor correctly.

And another for how to setup the RTC date/time and write to the SD card.

After assembling the hardware, you'll need to install the software in this repo onto the Feather board. For use at the range, I recommend disabling the DEBUG flag by commenting out the following line:

// Enable debug logger.
// Note: Comment out before running in real-world.
#define DEBUG