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Welcome To The Hack The Stacks Challenge Wiki!

Held on November 18th to 20th, 2016 at the American Museum of Natural History, the Hack The Stacks challenge was a 24 hour solution-building event produced by AMNH's BridgeUp: STEM, an educational initiative focused on the intersection of computer science and science with an after-school program for high school girls and underrepresented middle schoolers and the awarding of annual fellowships to women scientists to pursue their research at the museum.

The winning project teams posing with 3D printed busts of museum founder Albert Bickmore

17 project teams built 18 working prototypes, laying a solid foundation to build upon and taking a huge step forward for the advancement of library science and benefit of museums, galleries, libraries, and cultural institutions around the world (OpenGLAM). The demonstrations of their projects will soon be available to view on YouTube! (Watch this space!)

We hope that this challenge wiki will act as a touchstone for other institutions and serve as a guiding vision for the future of museums and libraries. Within this wiki's pages you will find descriptions of museum library systems and the challenges the library faces, as well as links to the open source solutions that were created by participants. Just check out each of the challenges for more detail!

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