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              Introductory information for the Amnuts talker code

Welcome to the Amnuts talker code!  Or, if you have already used Amnuts, then
welcome back - it's good to still have you with us. :-)

It has been 20 years - yup, two whole decades - since this README was last
updated, and, honestly, not much has changed in the world of Amnuts Talkers.
The Golden Age of talkers has long past, though it's still awesome to see some
die-hard fans still out there and keeping talkers alive (Marado's TalkerNode,
for example).

As for Amnuts, as you're undoubtedly aware, it's now available from GitHub.
You can get there from:

You can submit issues and post up on the discussion board there.  Please feel
free to fork and submit pull requests.

To get started with Amnuts you'll need either a linux environment or you can
use docker.  For further details, see the docs/docker and and other related
files in the docs directory.

Lots of the documentation and files here haven't been updated for those same
two decades, but hopefully one day they will be revived and revamped.  Until
then, just head towards the wind and push on as best you can. ;-)

Thanks for using Amnuts, and as you're here you must be interested in talkers,
so thanks also for keeping those alive!  Enjoy!

                                                             Andrew Collington
                                                   The Amnuts Development Team
                                                                February, 2023