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Copyright information for Amnuts
On 2002-07-18, Neil Robertson announced in the USENET message
with ID
posted to newgroups alt.talkers, alt.talkers.nuts, and
alt.talkers.programming that he was now allowing all versions
of his NUTS codes to optionally be distributed under the General
Public License. For reference this mesage can be accessed at the URL:
For further information on NUTS licensing see the file docs/nuts_copyright.
Copyright Information for Amnuts code
Amnuts 2.3.0 A Unix Talk Server via Telnet
Copyright (C) 1996-1996 Neil Robertson (Boltar) [NUTS]
Copyright (C) 1997-2003 Andrew Collington (Andy) [Amnuts]
Copyright (C) 1999-1999 Gordon Chiu (Ardant) [ident-daemon]
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.
Optionally, you can also redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the original Amnuts license as detailed later in this file.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
Optional Original Copyright for Amnuts code
The Amnuts code and files contain within the distribution are supplied
as freeware and not public domain. I retain the copyright for all files
included with exception of: the ASCII picture files and any unmodified
documentation written by Neil Robertson. I will take legal action against
anyone/company who is found selling the code for their own commercial
advantage, though if anyone wishes to run a pay-to-use talker using the
Amnuts code then they are welcome. If you wish to distribute the original
Amnuts code to anyone else this must be done with my express permission.
You are free to modify the Amnuts code anyway you wish to suit your
own needs and distribute that. You must not alter the .version, or the
version prompt when logging in so much that it does not refer to the code
being based on Amnuts or that the code isn't 100% original. You must
also leave the credits from Neil and myself in the code (viewed by '.help
credits'), and also the header information at the top of the source code.
Although every care has been taken to produce a bug-free talker system,
this distribution is supplied as-is and I cannot be held responsible
for damages incurred through any use of the Amnuts code or any other
associated files. This copyright pertains to ANY version of Amnuts,
documents, or web site. If you have any problems with this copyright
notice then you should not use the code at all.
Andrew Collington
September, 2001