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Information for the running of a talker based on Amnuts
If you are installing this Amnuts version as a fresh talker, with no prior
datafiles, then this document may be of interest to you. I would advise that
you read it, and the documents it points you to. However, if you are going to
upgrade your existing talker, or are going to use this code as your base and
add bits from your existing talker, then it is vital you read this document and
the others before you make any changes.
First off, support is only given through the websites, and not through private
email. You can gain support through the main Amnuts website
( or, or if you are looking
to submit bugs or get the latest updated files, then you can gain that through
the developer's site (
The main difference you will notice about this code and any of the previous
releases is that Amnuts now comes in many different files. This means that if
you make changes to any one of the .c files then you don't have to recompile
everything again - just that one file. This means, however, that if you're a
previous Amnuts programmer you may have to reacquaint yourself with the code,
because all the functions are now in different places. If you check out the
prototypes.h file (in the includes directory) you'll notice all of the
functions listed under whatever file they're located in.
Compiling is now different. You'll have to compile using the Makefile.
More information can be found in the 'compiling' document, found in the 'docs'
directory. You should read the compiling document, and then have a look at the
Makefile and familiarize yourself with it.
The ident deamon needs to be run separately. This is because it's a separate
program to the talker, compiled as its own executable.
Remember to login initially with the username 'test' and the password 'test'.
You should then create a user file for yourself (by logging in or using the
create command) and use the test character to promote yourself to the highest
rank. Then DELETE the test account so no one else can use it. Alternatively,
of course, you could login with Test, change the password, and then use the
name changing command. :)
The *MOST* important thing to remember though is; RTFM!! Read the
documents supplied with the distribution, look at the code, try something
out.. Only then if that fails should you go asking questions on boards and
such. It also helps if you give an example of what you've tried too.
Bug reports I'm still up to receiving, but even then, don't be upset if
you don't get a thorough response.
Andrew Collington
The Amnuts Development Team
August, 2003