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Introductory information for the Unix talker code Amnuts
Welcome to the Amnuts talker code, version 2.3.0! Or, if you have already
used Amnuts, then welcome back! This is the latest version of Amnuts and MANY
things have changed.
Amnuts development slowed down for a (long) while, but thanks to two people
in particular, it managed to get back on track. These people go by the handles
'Ardant' and 'Uzume'. Ardant supplied a CVS repository and bug tracking
software for Amnuts, and Uzume and worked tirelessly in updating Amnuts and
making it more stable. Many thanks to both of them.
Because of the CVS and Bugzilla, a new website was set up for the development
of the Amnuts talker code. This can be found at:
Instructions can be found there on how to use CVS and Bugzilla. If you find
any bugs with this version of Amnuts then it would be appreciated if you use
Bugzilla to report them. From the CVS repository you can download the latest
The Amnuts code can be found, as always, at:
or can now also be access via:
Please read the 'IMPORTANT' file, and the 'amnuts_changes' in the DOCs
directory for more information on what changes have been made since
version 2.2.1 (the previous release to this one) because there have been a
LOT of them! Even if you are a previous Amnuts user, programmer, owner,
whatever - you should STILL READ THE FILES! :)
Thanks for using Amnuts! Enjoy!
Andrew Collington
The Amnuts Development Team
August, 2003