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Bug Fixes
* revisit the lazy dynamic-wind code
* make implementations of srfis 12 and 34 fully compliant with spec
* make let-syntax strictly r5rs compliant when strict compliance is
* Work to eliminate bottlenecks in generic-procedure calls.
* Configuration parameters seem to not work with SRFI-39 'parameterize'
* Document weak hashtables
* do a code walk to weed out anything that breaks thread-safety
* produce a validation testing framework that is invokable from ant
* produce a performance testing framework that is invokable from ant
* possibly introduce a dependency on xalan to build the docs on windows
* Support for composable IO.
* rationalize/integrate modules, libraries, slib
* implement random-access files
* write a debugger
* port scsh's SREs
* mechanism to construct immutable objects other than literals
* direct implementation of shift and reset
but make sure it plays nicely with dynamic-wind
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