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The DBProfiler modules goal is the help develpers to find bottleneck in a silverstripe application.

It does that by intercepting all queries sent to the database, inspects them and then passes them along.


Download the module either as a tar.gz, .zip or by cloning the git repository.

Extract / clone it in the root folder of your SilverStripe repository.

Change your database class in the _ss_environment.php to

define( 'SS_DATABASE_CLASS', 'ProfilerMySQLDatabase' );

Flush your site by appending the ?flush=1 to the url or use sake.


Try to clear all caches you might have and go to a page of your choice in your browser.

The site will load as normal and at the bottom of the page you should see a bar at the bottom of the page with some information, e.g:

PHP peak memory: 20.25MB | Querysize: 4.49KB | Queries: 15 (13 unique) | Time in db: 10.53ms | Read more


  • PHP peak memory: - the peak memory used by the page
  • Querysize - how big is the size of all sql queries combined that get sent to the database
  • Queries - How many queries that was sent do the database and how many of them that was unique.
  • Time in db - How long time was spent waiting for the database
  • Read more - a link to a detailed page with more information

Remove duplicate queries

To remove all queries that are duplicates, click on the link named 'unique', the page will reload and you can see if this has any impact on the page load time.

You might also click on the 'Read more' link to get more detailed information about all queries that was sent to the database and also find a backtrace of where they originated from.