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Backbone.Marionette completion and snippet package for Sublime Text 2

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Backbone.Marionette snippets and tab completions for Sublime Text 2

updated: Nov 28, 2012

This package for Sublime Text 2 adds snippets for the Backbone.Marionette library.

The Backbone.Marionette package makes a great companion to Tomasz Tunik's Backbone.js ST2 package and borrows heavily from it as well.


+ completions for Backbone.Marionette version 1.0.0-beta
+ support for JavaScript and CoffeScript
+ some basic snippets (not thouroughly tested)

JavaScript Scope

bma - Marionette.Application
bmar - Marionette.AppRouter
bmm - Marionette.Application.Module
bmiv - Marionette.ItemView
bmr - Marionette addRegion()

CoffeeScript Scope

bmac - Marionette.Application
bmarc - Marionette.AppRouter
bmmc - Marionette.Application.Module
bmivc - Marionette.ItemView
bmrc - Marionette addRegion()


The easiest way to install is using Sublime Package Control. Updates are applied automatically if using this method.

If Sublime Package Control isn't your thing you can clone this repository into your ST2 packages directory.

git clone

Issues/Pull Requests

This was a quick effort to get completions added for my own personal use. I created some snippets after looking into the Backbone.js ST2 package.

To be honest, I rarely use snippets so I know they are lacking here.

If you have any issues or want to complain about things I haven't added yet - drop me a line or submit a pull request. If you submit a pull request with a new snippet, please update this README with the shortcut(s).

Thank you.

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