Aircraft Manufacturing Management System - Ntec Term Project
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Aircraft Manufacturing Management System

Project by Amol, Carlos, Makoto

Graduate Diploma (Level 7)

Information Technology - Standard Strand

Software Development Integration

Goal of the Project

To increase productivity and profitability for your company that produce wings for large scale aircraft by designing and implementing a manufacturing management system (software).

Benefits To Customers
  • We are confident that this project will provide you and your company with following benefits.
    • Decreasing operating expenses
  • The outcome of this project will contribute to reduce operating cost through
    • Reducing error rates
    • Reducing idle time of workers
    • Providing enough time in advance to every single workers to prepare better for next task
  • The outcome of this project will reduce error with providing accurate and timely information of the next task.
    • Ensuring quicker processing
  • With the result of dramatic improvement of productivity, the outcome of this project will ensure quicker processing.
    • Improve inventory turns
  • As a result of quicker processing, the outcome of this project improves inventory rotations.
    • Reducing paperwork costs
  • With the result of successful deployment of the system, the browser screen will provide accurate information, this will result in reducing (or elimination) of current paperwork.
    • Maintaining constant staff
  • With the improvement of accuracy and precision of whole process, this will result in maintaining of core and constant manufacturing staff.
    • Increased level of reputation from subcontractors
  • Providing accurate and timely information, the outcome of this project will increase your reputation as a “good customer” for your subcontractors. This thing will contribute to the furthermore improvement of productivity as well as strengthening relationship.
    • Increased confidence of staff
  • With the improvement of communications with inside and outside of your company, the outcomes of project provide more confidence to your staff.
    • Increased satisfaction of customers
  • The outcome of this project will enable you to reduce duration for production. That will result in increased C/S from your customers.