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base: filling-in-layout
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Commits on Apr 28, 2012
@amonat Make a User class & make and run a migration to create the Users table. 4d9f153
@amonat Add the annotate gem. 1d17910
@amonat Run bundle exec annotate --position before to add schema annotations …
…to the User class.
@amonat Add missing require of spec_helper to ApplicationHelper, so it passes. b343d7a
@amonat Add User tests that check for name and email fields. c8ef93c
@amonat Add test that shouldn't be empty, and validation to ensure …
…that's the case.
@amonat Add email presence validation & test. 9f7c284
@amonat Limit User name to 50 characters. d9a7a72
@amonat Add tests for various valid email addresses. 84981b4
@amonat Add a regex that email addresses must match (1 or more word character…
…s or +, - or ., then an at sign, then 1 or more letters/numbers/dots followed by a dot and 1 or more letters.
@amonat Ensure that there can only be one user for a given email address (cas…
@amonat Add an index on User#email that validates case-insensitive uniqueness…
…, and add a User#password_digest field.
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
@amonat Add a secure password to User, as well as an index on User#email for …
Commits on May 03, 2012
@amonat Show debug info when in the development Rails environment, and format…
… it nicely.
@amonat Add UsersController#show and a simple show.html.erb, as well as a set…
… of Rest routes for users, so you can visit /users/<id> to see a user's name and email address.
Commits on May 04, 2012
@amonat Make the user profile page have the user's name as the title, and the…
…ir name/email in an h1, and add factory_girl_rails and a test using it that makes a user and checks the data from it was put into the page.
@amonat Speed up tests that involve BCrypt by telling it to use its minimum c…
…ost factor.
@amonat Add a gravatar image to the profile page. 55475c0
Commits on May 05, 2012
@amonat Add a test User using FactoryGirl. d8c8640
@amonat Put the user's gravatar and name into an <aside>. b5df0aa
@amonat Add styles for aside and gravatar. cddccb8
@amonat Make it possible to create new users, including showing a form at /us…
…ers, displaying errors on submit if validations fail, and saving and redirecting to /users/<id> on success.
@amonat Add a success message to the flash on user create, and show the conte…
…nts of the flash in the application layout at the top of the container div.
@amonat Add SSL in production. bc076d9
@amonat Add an options hash to the arguments to gravatar_for and have it use …
…:size from that as the size image to request. Pass 200 to it to get a nice big image.
@amonat Make password_digest get called Password rather than 'Password digest…
…', so the error message for it fits the field the user can see.
@amonat Add test to make sure that error messages get shown when you try to c…
…reate a user with no info filled in.
@amonat Add tests that saving sends the user to their profile page (which has…
… their username as the title and Welcome in the flash as a success message).
@amonat Use content_tag rather than an ugly mix of HTML and ERb values. 6c54dfc
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