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Event Store Docker Container
Dockerfile Shell
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Event Store Docker Container

Note: This container is for development purposes only

The docker image will be available via the Docker Hub Event Store Repository

Getting Started

Single node mode

Pull the docker image

docker pull eventstore/eventstore

Run the container using

docker run --name eventstore-node -it -p 2113:2113 -p 1113:1113 eventstore/eventstore

Note : The admin UI and atom feeds will only work if you publish the node's http port to a matching port on the host. (i.e. you need to run the container with -p 2113:2113)

Cluster mode

Note: please don't forget to check you're already in swarm mode.

Ensure you have esnet network: docker network inspect esnet. If not you should create it on your swarm manager : docker network create -d overlay --attachable esnet

Then to run a cluster of 3 nodes for example:

docker service create --replicas 1 --name es1-node --network name=esnet, -e EVENTSTORE_CLUSTER_SIZE=3 -e eventstore/eventstore
docker service create --replicas 1 --name es2-node --network name=esnet, -e EVENTSTORE_CLUSTER_SIZE=3 -e eventstore/eventstore
docker service create --replicas 1 --name es3-node --network name=esnet, -e EVENTSTORE_CLUSTER_SIZE=3 -e eventstore/eventstore

Web UI

Get the docker ip address

Via docker-machine

docker-machine ip default

Via docker

docker inspect -f "{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}" eventstore-node

Using the ip address and the external http port (defaults to 2113) you can use the browser to view the event store admin ui.


Username and password is admin and changeit respectively.

Using your own configuration

When running the docker image, the user has the ability to provide environment variables. e.g.

docker run -it -p 2113:2113 -e EVENTSTORE_RUN_PROJECTIONS=None eventstore/eventstore

The environment variables overrides the values supplied via the configuration file.

More documentation on Event Store's Configuration can be found here

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