GNU Radio 3.7 source module for Microtelecom Perseus
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Instruction to build from scratch GNU Radio and gr-microtelecom module.
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GNU Radio 3.7 source module for Microtelecom Perseus

In order to build GNU Radio and this module, the following, PyBombs based, procedure may be followed (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). A comprehensive manual of Pyboms is found here:

# make home current
cd /home/$USER

# clone and build Pybombs
git clone
cd pybombs
python build

# install pybombs in a local directory
export PYTHONPATH=/home/$USER/pybombs-install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
python install --prefix /home/$USER/pybombs-install

# go there and start the installation
# all the GNU Radio and Microtelecom package will be installed in /home/$USER/gr
cd /home/$USER/pybombs-install/bin
./pybombs recipes add gr-recipes git+  
./pybombs recipes add gr-etcetera git+
./pybombs prefix init /home/$USER/gr -a myprefix
# the following step lasts about one hour on my PC; your mileage can vary
./pybombs -p myprefix install gnuradio gr-microtelecom

# test it
cd /home/$USER/gr
. ./

Even if the above procedure install all the dependencies, including the libperseus-sdr, if you are going to use Perseus on Linux for the first time, it is highly reccomended that you do a test build of libperseus-sdr before you start the GNU Radio build procedure. Follow the instructions found here: