a LaTeX package for commenting and responding throughout the peer review process
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Peer Review LaTeX package

peer_review is a LaTeX2e package that provides functionality for writing a review of a scientific manuscript. The package provides clean formatting and convenient macros and environments for doing the review.

Example output

Below is an example output from using peer_review in conjunction with the compact_proposal class. This class provides a nice formatting and compaction of the standard article class, though peer_review can be used on top of the base article class too.

example of peer_review output

Manual for using peer_review

See the using peer_review document.


Get the style file from GitHub

git clone https://github.com/amoodie/peer_review.git

or download as a zip from GitHub.

Symbolic links

This package can be added to your tex-tree by symbolic link. This has the benefit of allowing changes from the repository during development to be pulled directly down to the repository, keeping your version of the package up to date. Wherever you use the package from on your system, it will automatically call this version of the class file. This allows you to keep only one version of the file, and not be forced to place it in every folder you want to use the class with.

A proper symbolic link resides in your tex-tree and points to the local git repository. One example, with pseudocode is below.

For a linux user with the default location of the texlive install, the following yields a proper symbolic link:

sudo mkdir <local_path_to_textree>/tex/latex/compact_proposal
sudo ln -s <local_path_above_this_repo>/compact_proposal/compact_proposal/compact_proposal.cls <local_path_to_textree>/tex/latex/compact_proposal/compact_proposal.cls

Note that the tex-tree is everything below /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/.

After the above command, a call to hash the tex-tree is necessary.

sudo texhash


  • Andrew J. Moodie