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A complete travel guide!
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Travel Mate

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A must-have app for those interested in travel. The app provides users with various features including choosing the correct destination , making all the bookings , and easily organizing the trip. The platform basically uses a mash-up technology. The app provides solutions for common problems a traveller might face during the course of their journey.

How Travel Mate Works

Travel Mate was designed as a complete platform for travel. The app provides everything needed to assist users with their travel plans, including choosing transportation, discovering local venues, and managing expenses.

Select Destination

A comprehensive list of all the information about a destination: current weather, the best place to hangout, or most popular restaurants. Along with the information, the current trend of the city on twitter can also be seen. (It is extracted from Twitter using Twitter and Yahoo! APIs). Based on this information and the recommendation from the app, user can opt for the preferred destination location.


My trips

This option allows users to view their travel history, including pictures during each trip, names of accompanying individuals, and details of expenses for future reference.

Hotel Booking

Online Shopping

Real Time Locator

For users travelling in unfamiliar cities, the app also provides real-time information about places around them as they travel through the city, including monuments, restaurants, hotels, medical centres, etc.


Share contact

Users can share their contact details with their co-passengers, by simply sharing the QR code made available on the Travel Mate app.


The app also includes an interactive checklist of items users need to carry with them on their trips.

Getting started

Check out the wiki page to get started with the project.


If you're new to open-source, we recommend you to checkout our Contributing Guidelines and Setup Guidelines. Feel free to fork the project and send us a pull request.


Contact Us

Feel free to open an issue for any setup query

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