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  • Inkwell
  • Can a program write like a poet?
  • Writing can be transfer of information
  • But poetry is more than just that
  • The "Story" rather than just the bits
  • How?
  • Look at the passage and essentially replace words
  • apply "traits"
  • variable constraints upon replacement
  • Word coice
  • Synonyms
  • e.g. words that mean like 'dog' and begin with the letter 'd'
  • Also "Senses"
  • DSL for generating text
  • Sources
  • Wordnet synonym dicitonary
  • Common words
  • Stem dicitonary
  • Literatiure
  • 15GB running imates
  • Personality traits
  • Analyses a phrases and looks at words in personality categories
  • Algorithmic rhyming using phonetic dictionary
  • Calculates score based on back-to-front comparison, length etc
  • Echoes
  • Phrases that sound imilar but don't rhym
  • N-grams
  • Final word adjustments
  • Hard because of English irregularities
  • Performance
  • Parallel word and phrase choice
  • Parallel simulated annealing
  • Ngrams - string encoded for caching
  • Semantic hints help
  • Works best when it has a rough idea of what you want to say ("sesnse")
  • Parsing a piece of text and inferring meaning hasn't been done successfully yet
  • Debugging is hard
  • Non-deterministic
  • Get a 'sense' that something is wrong
  • Software engineering
  • This is a big project with mostlu unknowns, few patterns
  • Very different to agile methodologies
  • Software development has become product development
  • Inkwell is not a 'product'
  • Not necessarily aware of what it's going to do
  • This is real software development