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What is this website for?

It shows contributions that are waiting to be reviewed and contributions waiting to be upvoted.

Why are posts waiting to be reviewed?

Our moderators need time to review your contribution and determine the quality of your contribution. The eventual score given to your contribution, alongside your contribution's category, determines the weight of the upvote you will receive.

Which contributions are reviewed first?

There is no set order, but moderators are encouraged to review older contributions first and we try to make sure contributions are reviewed within 72 hours.

What do the icons and colours mean?

In general you can hover over the icons or colours to find out what they are, but if you can't then you can see what they mean below:

Icon Meaning
Time until next vote
Number of contributions
@utopian-io's voting power
Other Category specific icon
Colour: RED Not being reviewed / not included in next voting round
Colour: GREEN Being reviewed / included in next voting round

What is the bot's voting behaviour?


How long does it take my contribution gets upvoted?

Once it has been reviewed it is immediately added to the queue. Depending on its score it might get upvoted the next voting round, or three rounds after that - there is no specific answer.

I can't find my contribution! Where is it?

Using the correct tags is critical for our tools to fetch the contributions. Be sure that you used the tags correctly and that your contribution has not been upvoted yet. If the problem persists and no moderator has reviewed your contribution, then please use the #help channel on Discord.