A streaming query language.
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Icicle == I(vory) SQL.

A streaming query language.

Latest release notes:


Icicle is a small language for expressing (and statically verifying) a certain set of streaming computations.

The driver for this language is the ivory data-store, and the rest of this documents things in terms of ivory, however the problems being addressed are not unique to ivory, and it is plausible that this could be adapted to different contexts. For more context on ivory see:

facts & values

Facts are (typed) values, keyed along three dimensions:

  • Entity, this would be typically thought to represent the primary key of a row in a traditional data base.

  • Attribute, this would be typically thought to represent the name of a column in a traditional data base.

  • Time, this represents when a facts if valid at. Different types of facts may interpret this in different ways (for example for a state like value, this would indicate a fact is valid from time (t) until the next fact with the same entity / attribute and a more resent time dimension. There is no analog in traditional data bases, but this is more common in immutable or append-only data stores.

Values themselves are structured, and may be primitives, structs, or lists of values.

data processing

Data processing in ivory (and similar data stores) is heavily parallelized. This places restrictions on how data is processed and how expressions can relate to each other - in most cases these restrictions are simplifying to the desigin of icicle.

The basic invariants are:

  • Data is processed in "batches", where a batch has a set of uniform properties:

  • All facts in a batch are for the same entity.

  • All facts in a batch are for the same attribute.

  • Facts in a batch are processed in chronological order.

  • A batch is guaranteed to have all facts for a given entity / attribute.


types of expressions

Ivory contains notes on some required expressions:

Supporting this will be the existing corpus of ivory dictionaries.


One complication is that there are two distinct outputs from each expression:

  • The decision of which facts are interesting to a given snapshot.

  • The output of the actual computation.


A prototype implementation is being built before we finalize the complete specification of the icicle.


The goals of the v0 prototype implementation are:

  • identify language primitives.

  • identify a reasonable heuristic for cost, to help elliminate skew in the case of distributed computation.

  • determine an appropriate algorithm for arranging and fusing computation/expressions.

  • determine scope and plausibility of static verification.

  • propotype and iterate on surface syntax.

  • best strategy for code-gen given primitives (shallow embedding, with supporting libraries vs bit twiddling).


The simulation engine for the prototype shall use ivory EAVT text format as an ingestion. From this text format it shall:

  • Parse each row into raw facts.

  • Join in a dictionary to convert raw facts into typed facts.

  • Sort by entity and attribute, then group into like entity and attribute, then perform a secondary sort on time.

  • Take a compiled expression and run over each group. There should be two outputs produced:

    1. A feed of all the facts that were used to compute values.
    2. A feed of all computed values, EAV format.


To be completed after prototype. A discussion of optimisation techniques useful to icicle expressions.