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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.


[1.6] - 2019-07-04


  • Added the ability to assign a button combination to beging autocalibration.
  • Added a modified saxophone fingering.
  • Added custom GHB and Northumbrian vibrato, designed for closed fingering systems. Turning on the "Custom" switch with GHB or Northumbrian fingering will now assign holes R2 and R3 for vibrato use, and raising either or both fingers from their closed position will sharpen the note, assuming that raising them doesn't also trigger a different note in the fingering chart.
  • Added XOXXXX Bb, XOXXXO Bb, OXOXXX C, and XXOXOX G# to tin the whistle/Irish flute fingering chart
  • Added X XXO XX-- G# to recorder chart, where the "-" holes are ignored. Also added X OOO OOOO C#.
  • Fingering for Chinese Xiao
  • Added the ability for the bell sensor to close off the pipe using any fingering pattern instead of just uilleann. Now, with any fingering pattern, closing all holes and the bell sensor will stop the sound, unless the bell sensor is instead being used to control the register.


  • You now have the option of using the "custom" vibrato simultaneously with "slide"
  • Modified default settings for the vented mouthpiece slightly
  • Changed NoteOn velocity calculation slightly, add some weight to the velocity on the initial note after silence (tonguing a note). This brings it closer to the subsequent velocity used for legato notes.


[1.5] - 2019-05-21


  • Option to map pressure to NoteOn velocity. This uses the same mapping options as for sending pressure as CC.
  • Notes are now sent as legato, simply meaning that NoteOff events are sent immediately after NoteOn events, which signals to some MIDI synths that a legato effect is dersired.
  • Semitone shift up and semitone shift down have been added to the button assignment options, for changing key.
  • The option to select "momentary" for both octave shift up/down and semitone shift up/down (above) has been added to the button configuration. This allows using the buttons as octave keys, extending the range to 4 octaves, or as accidental keys, sharpening or flattening any note on-the-fly
  • An "Uilleann, standard" fingering pattern has been added, which does not include the cross fingerings for G# and Bb. The previous uilleann fingering pattern that includes those cross-fingerings is now called "Uilleann, chromatic".
  • updated all documentation to refer to the WARBL software as "firmware" to help avoid confusion between the firmware and installer packages, WARBL app, etc.
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