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AMP Letter

Signing the letter as an individual

The letter uses Jekyll to combine and sort signatures. Please create a file called your-name.yml in /_data/supporting, using the following template:

sortName: {Your family name (just for sorting, not displayed)}
displayName: {How your full name should be displayed}
url: {URL of your website, profile or AMP-related statement}

For example:

sortName: Stevenson
displayName: Alice Stevenson

You'll be inserted into the list in order of sortName.

What URL should I use?

The best thing to do is to post a statement of your reasons for signing the letter, with a link to, and then link to that statement in your signature. This will help us to verify that you are a legitimate owner of that URL.

Otherwise, link to a personal website, professional profile or social media profile. If signing as an individual, please don't link to a business.

Signing as an organisation

To sign as an organisation, please ensure you are a legal representative of the organisation, and the organisation is a legal entity in its own right. If you are signing as a corporation, please link to a post explaining your AMP stance (this avoids businesses using the letter as advertising). Create a file in /_data/orgs, with the keys name, representativeName and url.


If you want to translate the letter, please find a few independent native speakers to review your translation. It's likely that none of the maintainers of the letter understand the language in question so we'll need a reasonably large group of native speakers to confirm it's an accurate translation.

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