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----------------- PLUGINS - Ampache v.3.8.1 ----------------------
Plugins are placed in modules/plugins; the name of the file must be
<Name>/<Name>.plugin.php, e.g. Dummay/Dummy.plugin.php. The file must declare a
corresponding class and the name of the class must be prefixed with
Ampache, e.g. AmpacheDummy.
The following public variables must be declared:
name (string)
description (string)
version (int) - This plugin's version
min_ampache (int) - Minimum Ampache DB version required
max_ampache (int) - Maximum Ampache DB version supported
The following public methods must be implemented:
The following public methods may be implemented:
Finally, for the plugin to actually be useful one or more of the following hooks
should be implemented as a public method:
get_metadata(Array $metadata)
The passed array contains the best metadata we've got.
save_rating(Rating $rating, int $new_value)
save_mediaplay(Media $media)
get_lyrics(Song $song)
process_wanted(Wanted $wanted)
shortener(string $url)
get_photos(string $search)
gather_arts(string $type, array $options, int $limit)
get_song_preview(string $track_mbid, string $artist_name, string $title)
stream_song_preview(string $file)
external_share(string $url, string $text)
display_user_field(library_item $libitem = null)