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Ampache Improvement and Modernization

Updated Feb 24, 2020

I noticed that the project "Ampache. Modernization" was closed. It's more like a list of bench marks or goals, and that is OK but it should never be closed. I believe that transforming the data access logic to an ORM/DAL type data management should be added to the project or benchmark list. In the details, the team could contribute their ideas. There is no need to hurry.

New ideas for modernization should continue to be added, regardless of how irrelevant they might seem. Someone just might see a connection to an idea he deems pertinent to the project.

There are 3-4 contributers now? They should all be participating in this discussion as a team. And while doing so, should try thinking outside the box. The end result could end up adding a new feature and improving Ampache.

Maybe the overall design philosophy, and motto should be "How do we include and improve".

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