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Ampache is not...

  • an universal player. Ampache doesn't use codecs. It simply streams the music to your player / web browser. If set up properly, it can convert music on the fly in case you use a player that doesn't read a specific format. For instance, if your player doesn't support FLAC, Ampache can Transcode it on the fly to mp3 or any other format.

Few functionalities...

  • Web Player (HTML5 and/or Flash web players) (embedded or popup)
  • Subsonic Backend (any subsonic client can play Ampache content transparently)
  • Plex Backend
  • DAAP Backend
  • UPnP Backend
  • Localplay for Httpq/MPD/VLC/XBMC, Stream, Democratic
  • Live streams/Radio
  • Subsonic remote catalog (you can import musics coming from an existing Subsonic instance)
  • Dropbox remote catalog
  • Soundcloud remote catalog
  • Another Ampache instance remote catalog
  • Get song lyrics from ChartLyrics and LyricsWiki
  • Import metadata from MusicBrainz
  • Get similar artists/biography/pictures asynchonously from Last.FM
  • Transcoding (Live transcoding fully configurable using ffmpeg, avconv, neatokeen or any other command)
  • ...