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  1. The user will insist they have read the documentation. It doesn't matter that they really haven't.
  2. The user will argue with the #ampache staff, particularly about permissions, and will always be wrong.
  3. The user's first description of the problem will be misleading.
  4. The user will ignore fixes that the #ampache staff gives, repeatedly, until he gives up and blames the staff for not helping him with his issue.
  5. The user will ignore the answers he is given.
  6. The user will always say, "It doesn't work," often without any additional information.
  7. If you don't know to whom the ampachism is referring, it's you.
  8. The user will often ask #ampache staff to do the work for them. This will not happen.
  9. Despite the fact that there are no logs, the user will still insist that they have done everything correctly. Often related to Ampachisms 1 & 2.
  10. The user will be asked a question and will either take forever to answer or they won't answer at all, and will then leave because the staff isn't helping them fast enough.

(Credit to for the original Bashphorisms from which this idea was taken.)