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I'm getting errors about memory limits being reached / out of memory?

The most common cause of memory issues is a file (or files) with corrupt or malformed tags. Enable logging to find the file causing the issue. This could also happen because your php setting memory limit is too low. You should check your php.ini memory_limit setting and maybe increase its value.

I'm getting errors about execution time-outs?

Although Ampache uses set_time_limit(0) to attempt to override the PHP execution time limits during long-running processes such as cataloging and streaming, some PHP configurations do not allow runtime overrides. If possible you should update your PHP configuration and increase the global limits or enable run-time overrides. Don't panic if Ampache halts in the middle of a catalog action. You do not need to delete the catalog and start over, simply run the same process again and Ampache will pick up where it left off.

Catalog update throw Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes sometimes when I gather album arts?

Ampache save cover art to the database. If your cover art has big size, MySQL query will fail because it exceed the maximal packet size allowed for query. You have to change the cover art to a smaller one, or increase max_allowed_packet setting in mysql settings.

You can also avoid saving images on the database by saving them on disk, see album_art_store_disk setting.

Albums with the same title are being displayed as a single album?

This is a known limitation; the alternative is for Various Artist albums to display as multiple albums, which is unacceptable. If your files are tagged with the correct "Album Artist" this will help cut down on the frequency of occurrence, but not 100%. There is no way for Ampache to programmatically determine from the standard raw metadata whether "John Farnham, Greatest Hits, 1987" and "Richard Marx, Greatest Hits, 1987" are genuinely supposed to be separate albums. Ampache now (version >= 3.7.0) have an additional constraint based on unique IDs from MusicBrainz metadata that will split them correctly if the albums were tagged using a tagger that writes the MBIDs to the file (such as Picard or Beets).

Is there any way to browse songs based on the underlying directory structure?

No. However, with the filename metadata source you can use the directory and filename structure as the authoritative metadata that's imported into Ampache's database, then browse it using the normal methods.

I lost my admin password?

You can temporarily disable authentication and reset the password. To do this, you should modify two variables in config/ampache.cfg.php:

use_auth = "false"
default_auth_level = "admin"

Don't forget to change them back after you've used the admin panel to reset the password!

Another option is to create a new admin account using the command line tools

Unable to get transcoding working?

You can check first logs to see if there's an error you could resolve by yourself. Otherwise, you can try to execute the transcoding command manually to see if it's working outside Ampache.


    2015-02-07 10:27:08 [admin] (stream) -> Transcode command: avconv -i '/music/song.flac' -vn -b:a 32K -c:a libmp3lame -f mp3 pipe:1
    2015-02-07 10:27:08 [admin] (play) -> Stream ended at 0 (0) bytes out of

For ubuntu, you may have to install sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras to get proprietary codecs to work.

When using an API (Ampache, Subsonic, UPnP ...) I can browse my library but playback doesn't work whereas it is working using the web interface, how to make it work?

For most API backend it is recommended to have php cUrl module installed and enabled. Otherwise few clients could failed the playback if they are excepting a specific url format.

If your server support ipv6, be careful that your webserver (eg. Apache) is listening the same way on ipv4 and ipv6. Be aware that when using cUrl with a default configuration, ipv6 will always be used by default on cUrl operations.

Ampache / Ampache Doped, what is the difference?

Today, none. Ampache Doped was a fork of Ampache during few months but was merged to Ampache in April 2014.