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  1. Delete any not relevant section in this template.
  2. Before posting any issue, please try to reproduce with latest develop branch. Development is quite active and your issue may already have a fix pending for next version. No issue will be considered before confirmation on the develop branch.
  3. Don't worry for text between <!-- and --\>, it will be automatically removed from the output.


  • Ampache version:
  • Web server + version:
  • Server operating system:
  • Client operating system:

Keep only the affected clients in the list below. Add client application name and version on the right of the client type you use.

  • Client type:
    • Web (browser/version)
    • Ampache (remote catalog)
    • SubSonic
    • Plex
    • DAAP
    • UPnP
    • WebDAV


Put here a description of your settings or attach ampache.cfg.php after removing sensitive information (server host, database connection...)


<!-- Put here the bug/feature description and how to reproduce/integrate it. -->


Ampache logs and web server access/error logs in attached files. Please also add client application logs if appropriate.