TV Shows and Movies

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The Ampache file parser for TV show and movie names is based partially on Kodi specs. The details can be found at and

Because the following patterns are widely used in news groups and other download sites, best practices would be to conform to the following patterns.

TV show name variations*:

 1. title.[date].S#[#]E#[#][.episode title].ext
     Example: Awkward (2014).S04E03.Touched by an Angel.mp4
 2. title.[date].#[#]X#[#][.episode title].ext
    Example: Awkward.2014.04x03.Touched By an AngTV Show and Movie File Patternsel.mp4
 3. title.[date].Season #[#] Episode #[#][.episode title].ext
    Example: Awkward.Season 04 Episode 03.Touched by An Angel.mp4
 4. title.[date].###.ext        (maximum of 9 seasons)
    Example: Awkward 2014.403.Touched by an Angel.mp4
 5. /Top Folder/show name [year]/[season ]##/##[-episode-Title].ext 
    Example: /TV Shows/Awkward 2014/Season 4/3-Touched By an Angel.mp4

Movie titles*:

 *    title.[date].ext
 *    /Top Folder/movie title [(date)]/title.ext

Note: The parsing routine is case insensitive and the results will be converted to "camel case" before being imported. Item separators are limited to period (.), hyphen (-), underscore (_) and space (" ").

Abbreviation Filter:

Many downloaded files have extraneous abbreviations mixed in with the title and cause problems with parsing the file names. An abbreviation list has been added to the config file to filter out the annoying abbreviations. The list is not case sensitive.

Configuration for Tvdb and Tmdb plugins.

  • metadata_order_video = "filename,getID3,Tvdb"

This order will insure that information from the physical file such as audio/video codecs used will be grabbed.