Allow to build without any project structure #65

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Tyilo commented Feb 21, 2013

It would be cool for small Arduino scripts to be able to build them without having to create a folder and a src directory.
For example this is the current required structure:

---- smallproject1
-------- src
---- smallproject2
-------- src
------------ smallproject2.ino
---- smallproject3
-------- src
------------ smallproject3.ino

This could be reduced to this:

---- smallproject1.ino
---- smallproject2.ino
---- smallproject3.ino

You would then need to provide the filename to build the ino, like so:
cd arduino; ino build smallproject.ino

and the .build directory structure would have to be redesigned somehow.


nkrkv commented Feb 21, 2013

Yep! Good idea!

Tyilo referenced this issue in geetarista/ST2-Arduino Feb 21, 2013


Undefined reference to `main` #10

The relevant line is here:

src is hard-coded. If that could be configured from the command-line arguments or an environment variable, that would fix this issue.

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