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Automatically sets the expiration date for event entries, and more.

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Event Helper is an ExpressionEngine add-on that takes the pain out of managing events channels.

For each of your chosen "events" channels, Event Helper can:

  • Set the Expiration Date of your entry to 23:59 on the last day of your event
  • Clone your chosen custom Start Date field the entry date
  • Set your Start Date, End Date, and Entry Date times to midnight

Event Helper also includes it's own date fieldtype, which provides a standard datepicker, but with the time portion of the date removed. You can choose any Date, Event Helper Date, or DropDate field as your Start Date and End Date fields for each "events" channel.

Event helper will also remove the localization menu from any chosen native Date fields and automatically set its value to "Fixed".

Event Helper has been tested on ExpressionEngine 2.2+, and is compatible with SafeCracker and MSM setups..

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