Automatically sets the expiration date for event entries, and more.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're upgrading from version 1.0.4 or lower, your existing EEvent Helper settings will be deleted when upgrading due to a change in how settings are stored.

EEvent Helper is an ExpressionEngine extension that makes managing events weblogs much more intuitive.

Once activiated, when entries are published in any of your specified "events" weblogs, their Expiration Date will be automatically set to 23:59:59 on the day of the event. Or, if you choose a custom date field to serve as an End Date indicator, their Expiration Date will be automatically set to 23:59:59 on the End Date (if it's not empty).

You can also specify a custom Start Date field to use instead of the Entry Date calendar from the Date tab. Once you specify this field, you can automatically set the Entry Date to match the custom Start Date field, eliminating the need for the Date tab altogether.

This way, you and your clients can use friendlier custom date fields for both start and end dates, while always keeping the entry's Entry Date and Expiration Date set properly for use in exp:weblog:entries tag parameters.

Optionally, you can also remove the "time" portion of your event date fields (with time set to 00:00:00 upon publishing); and also remove the date localization toggle from your events weblogs' date fields.

Note that only fields of the built-in ExpressionEngine "Date" fieldtype can be selected as Start Date or End Date fields.

EEvent Helper has been tested on ExpressionEngine 1.6.8, and requires CP jQuery loading jQuery 1.3+.