ExpressionEngine® addon which displays dropdowns for countries, U.S. states, Canadian provinces and UK counties.
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REEgion Select is an addon for ExpressionEngine® 2 and 3 that displays dropdowns for:

  • countries (based on the ISO 3166-1 list of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest)
  • U.S. states (based on the USPS official list of U.S. states and possessions)
  • Canadian provinces and territories
  • UK counties
  • Canadian provinces and U.S. states together (or U.S. States and Canadian provinces together)

##Fieldtype Usage

To use the fieldtype, simply install and then choose Reegion Select from the fieldtype menu when creating a new custom field, then choose which kind of regions you'd like to display.

In your templates, display your custom field using {field_name:name} (or simply {field_name}) to display the name of the region (i.e., United States); {field_name:alpha2} to display the ISO 3166-2 code for the country, state, or province (i.e., US); or use {field_name:alpha3} to display the ISO 3166-1 code for the country (i.e., USA).

If you choose the "multiselect" option for your field, you can use your field tag as a tag pair:


##Template Usage

Use the following EE tags to generate each type of dropdown <select> menu in your templates:







Or use a tag pair to generate your own custom lists or menus, using the following variables:


(And likewise for the other region types.)

##Template Parameters

Reegion Select accepts ten optional parameters:

  • show="" -- A pipe-delimited list of values to show, if you don't want all of the default values to display. (e.g., show="CA|NY|OH|MI")
  • hide="" -- A pipe-delimited list of values to hide, if you don't want all of the default values to display. (e.g., hide="Canada|United States|Mexico")
  • name="" -- Value for the "name" attribute of the <select> menu. Defaults: "country", "state", "province", "county", "province_state".
  • type="" -- alpha2 will use use the ISO 3166-2 abbreviation as the value for countries, states, and provinces. alpha3 will use use the ISO 3166-1 abbreviation as the value for countries. "name" will use the region name as the value. Default: name.
  • selected="" -- Value of the element that should be selected by default.
  • title="" -- A title or heading for the <select> menu. Defaults to "Select a (Country/State/Province/etc)".
  • id="" -- Value for the id attribute of the <select> menu.
  • class="" -- Value for the class attribute of the <select> menu. Defaults to reegion_select.
  • tabindex="" -- Value for the tabindex attribute of the <select> menu.
  • required="" -- whether to add the HTML5 "required" attribute to the <select> menu.
  • data-[value]="" -- any "data-" values passed as individual parameters will be added verbatim to the <select> menu.
  • null_divider="n" -- Whether or not to include a divider option with a null value at the top of the menu. Defaults to y.

Low Variables Usage

Reegion Select can also be used as a var type in the Low Variables module. The resulting global variables will output the ISO 3166-2 abbreviation value for your region, but you can access the "name" or "alpha3" values by using the {exp:low_variables:parse} tag:

{exp:low_variables:parse var="var_name" type="name"}

{exp:low_variables:parse var="var_name" type="alpha3"}


Reegion Select is compatible with ExpressionEngine 3.0.0 and greater, and ExpressionEngine 2.1.3 and greater. The ExpressionEngine 1.6-compatible plugin can be found here.

Reegion Select is fully-compatible with Grid field columns, and can also be used as a Low Variables variable type.

Reegion Select fields are also optimized for Low Search indexing.