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👋 Hello there.

This project is now archived. Please move forward to my React and next.js implementation at reactiveneko.

I'm working on moving to next.js and React, to support more features like server-side dynamic contents and more.

This repository is the repository of my homepage ( that can be used as a template.

Visit for a live deployment of the master branch.

Text contents are mainly located in index.html. Simply edit this file to replace the texts and the picture.

For further modifications, including color settings, background images, and layouts, check index.css and stylesheets/*.css. Don't forget to run an npm run build to rebuild files and reflect your modification.

这里是 的代码库,也可以用来作为制作页面的模版。

访问 可以查看 master 分支的最新部署。

大部分的文本内容储存在 index.html 中,修改这个文件即可更改页面的主图片和文本。

若要进行更进一步的修改(如配色方案、背景图片与页面布局),请编辑 index.cssstylesheets/*.css。完事了别忘记 npm run build 一下来重新编译使更改生效。


This repository contains copyright content, including the profile picture amphineko.png, badcable.png, etc. These assets are specially licensed to the repository owner only.

You should replace these assets with your images, all of them, before deploying to your websites.

请注意,本库中包含版权内容,包括 amphineko.pngbadcable.png 等。这些图片都是特别而仅授权给本代码库拥有者使用的。


help wanted!

This project was created with little knowledge of Web development. Misuses of HTML tags, CSS rules, and incorrect document writing are just everywhere. Please don't hesitate to send pull requests when you find any incorrectness or improvements.

You may also see issues to find ongoing problems.

我在开发时并没有拥有很多 Web 开发的知识。现在这里的 HTML 标签、CSS 规则的错误使用和不正确的文件编写到处都是。请帮助我修复这些问题,也欢迎提出新的改进。

同时你可以在 issues 里找到现在正在处理的问题。


To build this project, run these following commands.

npm install .
npm run build

You may check your NODE_ENV before executing npm install . to ensure devDependencies are installed.


npm install .
npm run build

运行 npm install . 前,你也许应该检查一下 NODE_ENV 来确保 devDependencies 被正确安装。

known "issue"

The chemical symbol in the name may flash on page load, especially on Chrome.
This is a bug specific to Chrome (and Blink browsers). However, this won't be fixed, because it's caused by Chrome and left not fixed for years.
Check out this issue for a solution if this bothers you. (Thanks to @Nyaasu66)

使用 Chrome 时,页面上部名字中的化学符号可能会闪烁。
这是一个 Chrome (和使用了 Blink 的浏览器) 特有的 Bug。因为这是由 Chrome 产生并且多年没有修复的问题,所以在这里也不会修复。
如果这给你产生了困扰,以下 issue 提供了一个解决方法。(感谢 @Nyaasu66)


a simple homepage (or template) located at






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