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@kelunik kelunik released this 18 Dec 17:13
· 7 commits to 3.x since this release

Event Loop

Amp no longer ships its own event loop. It's now based on Revolt. Revolt\EventLoop is quite similar to Amp's previous Amp\Loop. A very important difference is using float $seconds instead of int $milliseconds for timers though!


Future is a replacement for the previous Promise.
There's no need for callbacks or yield anymore!
Its await() method is based on fibers and replaces generator based coroutines / Amp\Promise\wait().

  • Renamed Amp\Deferred to Amp\DeferredFuture.
  • Removed Amp\Promise\wait(): Use Amp\Future::await() instead, which can be called in any (nested) context unlike before.
  • Removed Amp\call(): Remove the passed closure boilerplate and all yield keywords, interruption is handled via fibers now instead of generator coroutines.
  • Removed Amp\asyncCall(): Replace invocations with Amp\async(), which starts a new fiber instead of using generators.
  • Removed Amp\coroutine(): There's no direct replacement.
  • Removed Amp\asyncCoroutine(): There's no direct replacement.
  • Removed Amp\Promise\timeout(): Future::await() accepts an optional Cancellation, which can be used as a replacement.
  • Removed Amp\Promise\rethrow(): Unhandled errors are now automatically thrown into the event loop, so there's no need for that function anymore.
  • Unhandled errors can be ignored using Future::ignore() if needed, but should usually be handled in some way.
  • Removed Amp\Promise\wrap(): Use Future::finally() instead.
  • Renamed Amp\getCurrentTime() to Amp\now() returning the time in seconds instead of milliseconds.
  • Changed Amp\delay() to accept the delay in seconds now instead of milliseconds.
  • Added Amp\weakClosure() to allow a class to hold a self-referencing Closure without creating a circular reference that prevents automatic garbage collection.
  • Added Amp\trapSignal() to await one or multiple signals.

Promise Combinators

Promise combinators have been renamed:

  • Amp\Promise\race() has been renamed to Amp\Future\awaitFirst()
  • Amp\Promise\first() has been renamed to Amp\Future\awaitAny()
  • Amp\Promise\some() has been renamed to Amp\Future\awaitAnyN()
  • Amp\Promise\any() has been renamed to Amp\Future\awaitAll()
  • Amp\Promise\all() has been renamed to Amp\Future\await()


  • CancellationToken has been renamed to Cancellation.
  • CancellationTokenSource has been renamed to DeferredCancellation.
  • NullCancellationToken has been renamed to NullCancellation.
  • TimeoutCancellationToken has been renamed to TimeoutCancellation.
  • CombinedCancellationToken has been renamed to CompositeCancellation.
  • SignalCancellation has been added.


Iterators have been removed from amphp/amp as normal PHP iterators can be used with fibers now and there's no need for a separate API.
However, there's still some need for concurrent iterators, which is covered by the new amphp/pipeline library now.


Amp\Closable has been added as a new basic interface for closable resources such as streams or sockets.

Strict Types

Strict types now declared in all library files.
This will affect callbacks invoked within this library's code which use scalar types as parameters.
Functions used with Amp\async() are the most likely to be affected by this change 鈥 these functions will now be invoked within a strict-types context.