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C++ Implementation of Succinct (

Succinct is a data-store than enables queries directly on a compressed representation of data. With basic primitives of random acces, search and fast counts of arbitrary substrings on unstructured data (flat files), Succinct can provide a rich set of queries on semi-structured or structured data without requiring any secondary indexes.


  • C++11 support
  • CMake build system
  • Thrift for its sharded, sharded-kv, bench and test modules.


To build Succinct, run:


To clean-up build files, run:



To see how Succinct's core data structures can be used, find examples in examples/src.

The example in shows how Succinct can be used to compress input files (for both flat-file and key-value interfaces), while example programs in and show how the compressed files can be queried.

Starting Succinct as a Service

TODO: Add description of how sbin/ scripts can be used.

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