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+Using my [Splunk Storm
+Webhook]( and an email
+service provider like [Email Yak]( we can
+easily index, search and report on email messages using [Splunk
+Storm]( I chose Email Yak for this
+tutorial because they offer a 'Free' account level and allow Email Push
+notifications via HTTP POST (aka [Webhooks](
+# Steps
+1. Follow the instructions for setting up the [Splunk Storm
+ Webhook](
+2. Sign up with [Email Yak]( and register a new domain:
+![Email Yak New Domain Control
+ Panel](</br>
+3. Send a test email: `echo 'this is a test email'| mail -s 'test email'`</br>
+4. Search for and report on your email with Splunk Storm:
+![Email in Splunk Storm](
+Here's another useful search that extracts the message body and displays it
+as a table: `*simpleyak* | spath output=TextBody TextBody| table TextBody`
+Greg Albrecht <>
+April 16th, 2012

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