Python library that screen-scrapes MS Outlook Web access
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MS Outlook Web access client


Stuck with Microsoft Outlook for work e-mail? Want access to your raw e-mail messages from Outlook? Prefer to use your own e-mail client rather than the clumsy Outlook client? If so, weboutlook is for you.

weboutlook is a Python module that retrieves full, raw e-mails from Microsoft Outlook Web Access by screen scraping. It can do the following:

Log into a Microsoft Outlook Web Access account with a given username and password. Retrieve all e-mail IDs from the first page of your Inbox. Retrieve the full, raw source of the e-mail with a given ID. Delete an e-mail with a given ID (technically, move it to the 'Deleted Items' folder). Documentation / sample usage:

>>> from weboutlook import OutlookWebScraper

# Throws InvalidLogin exception for invalid username/password.
>>> s = OutlookWebScraper('', 'username', 'invalid password')
>>> s.login() Traceback (most recent call last):

>>> s = OutlookWebScraper('', 'username', 'correct password')
>>> s.login()

# Display IDs of messages in the inbox.
>>> s.inbox()

# Display IDs of messages in the 'sent items' folder.
>>> s.get_folder('sent items')

# Display the raw source of a particular message.
>>> print s.get_message('/Inbox/Hey%20there.EML')

# Delete a message.
>>> s.delete_message('/Inbox/Hey%20there.EML')