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amp-caching module

AMP caching module is a mandatory module and is bundled within core amp-sw.js. This provides a caching for AMP resources, which mainly includes the unversioned/versioned jS binaries that we deploy as part of AMP deployment.

The AMP deployed binaries and their caching strategies will be as follows:

  • Unversioned These are the binaries which the publishers are required to add in their AMP documents and have no {rtv} numbers in their path. E.g. Since these files are not cached for a long time and are always referred by the same path, its best suited for the service worker to cache these files with a stale-while-revalidate strategy where every request to these resources will respond from cache and fetch a new copy to update the cache.

    Cache purge: These files have a default cache period of 5 minutes, but in order to provide network resiliency, we will allow these files to stay for a day and be updated with staleWhileRevalidate.

  • Versioned The files that are referred with the {rtv} version in their path can be safely assumed to be Immutable forever and thus makes a clear sense to have them cache-first strategy. As these resources never change so any copy once stored in the cache does not need to be updated ever.

    Cache purge: These files will be cached for a max life of 14 days, as AMP deploys a new set of files every week. So all older entries will be purged with a grace period of 7 days.


This module accepts no options and is not configurable.

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