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AMP-Toolbox update-cache

npm version

Generates AMP Cache invalidation URLs for all known AMP Caches. For more info see the Google AMP Cache documentation.


Install via:

npm install @ampproject/toolbox-update-cache

Generate a list of update URLs like this:

  const UpdateCacheUrlProvider = require('@ampproject/toolbox-update-cache');

  // Load the private key, generated as described on 
  const privateKey = '...';

  // Create an instance of the factory using the private key.
  const updateCacheUrlProvider = UpdateCacheUrlProvider.create(privateKey);

    .then(cacheUpdateUrls => {
      cacheUpdateUrls.forEach(cacheUpdateUrlInfo => {
        console.log('Cache ID:' + cacheUpdateUrlInfo.cacheId);
        console.log('Cache Name:' + cacheUpdateUrlInfo.cacheName);
        console.log('cache-update URL:' + cacheUpdateUrlInfo.updateCacheUrl);

Note: this only generates the URLs, but doesn't perform the actual update request.

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