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@westonruter westonruter released this
· 14691 commits to develop since this release
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See unreleased 1.0 changelog and the in-progress milestone. See also commits since 1.0-beta2.

See the 1.0 Beta 3 blog post for more info.

See also 1.0-beta3-built tag which facilitates installation of plugin build via submodule, Composer, etc.

  • Fix inability to move link element due to assigned parent. See #1322. Props westonruter.
  • Fix stretched images in Twenty Seventeen them and Gutenberg. See #1321, #1281, #1237. Props hellofromtonya.
  • Fix image dimension extractor so it does not disregard duplicate images. See #1314. Props lukas9393.
  • Remove redundant version from composer.json and add PHP version requirement. See #1333, #1328, #1334, #1332. Props swissspidy.
  • Store validation errors in order of occurrence in document. See #1335. Props westonruter.
  • Add .editorconfig file. See #1336, #51. Props swissspidy.
  • Update i18n to make use of updated WP-CLI command. See #1329, #1327, #1341, #1345, #1393. Props swissspidy, felixarntz, westonruter.
  • Use all eligible post types when all_templates_supported is selected. See #1338, #1302, #1344. Props hellofromtonya, westonruter.
  • Respect default AMP enabled status when creating a new post in Gutenberg. See #1339. Props hellofromtonya.
  • Normalize 'ver' query param in script/style validation errors to prevent recurrence after accepted. See #1346. Props westonruter.
  • Add missing tabindex attribute to lightbox images. See #1350. Props amedina.
  • Detect ineffectual post-processor response cache due to high MISS rates and auto-disable. See #1325, #1239. Props hellofromtonya, westonruter.
  • Update the validator spec version to 720 and AMP v1534879991178; add support for reference points. See #1315, #1386, #1330. Props westonruter.
  • Fix form sanitizer's handling of relative actions by making them absolute. See #1352, #1349. Props ricardobrg.
  • Skip Server-Timing header if not WP_DEBUG and user cannot manage_options. See #1354. Props westonruter.
  • Fetch CSS over HTTP when URL lacks extension; convert font CDN stylesheets @import's to convert to links instead of fetching. See #1357, #1317. Props westonruter.
  • Add WP-CLI command for testing the AMP compatibility of an entire site. See #1183, #1007. Props kienstra, westonruter.
  • Display when validation results are stale due to active theme/plugin changes. See #1375. Props westonruter.
  • Fix displaying of expected notices when theme support enabled by theme. See #1374, #1358. Props westonruter.
  • Fix handling responses to form submissions from an AMP Cache. See #1382, #1356.
  • Replace Gutenberg's deprecated isCleanNewPost selector. See #1387. Props miina.
  • Updates php-css-parser to include fix for parsing calc() with negative values. See #1392. Props westonruter.
  • Add embed support for Twitter timelines via new amp-twitter attributes. See #1396. Props felixarntz.
  • Add error type filters on validation error and invalid URL screens. See #1373. Props kienstra.