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@westonruter westonruter released this Apr 16, 2019 · 1576 commits to develop since this release

Please read the 1.1 release post.

For the full list of issues and pull requests in this release, please see the 1.1 milestone.

Headline Changes

  • Fixed AMP compatibility with Twenty Nineteen theme (via tree shaking improvements, see CSS Processing below).
  • Introduce theme support flags to streamline implementation of nav menu mobile toggle and submenu dropdowns. See #1745, #1986. Props felixarntz.
  • Definitively fix issues with images in AMP not visually matching non-AMP version (e.g. with stretching or oversizing). See #2036. Props westonruter.
  • Add support for service worker installed via PWA feature plugin; extend service worker to cache AMP CDN assets, cache Google Fonts, and cache images (following AMP by Example). See #1261, #2070, #2074, #2134. Props westonruter, felixarntz.
  • Rebrand Paired mode as Transitional mode; update descriptions for Native and Transitional modes. See #2034, #2089, #2116, #2135. Props felixarntz, westonruter, albertomedina.
  • Rebrand Classic mode as Reader mode; add optional “Exit Reader Mode” link to header. See #2034. Props felixarntz, westonruter.

Conversion Sanitizers and Embed Handlers

  • Expand and fix conversion of Facebook embeds. See #1956. Props westonruter.
  • Enqueue component scripts for attributes that require extensions (e.g. amp-lightbox-gallery for amp-img[lightbox]). See #1855. Props westonruter.
  • Add noscript fallbacks for amp-img, amp-audio, amp-video, and amp-iframe (containing the original non-AMP elements); improve audio conversion to amp-audio; add AMP [fallback] for amp-audio/amp-video. See #1861, #1913. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent doubling of validation errors for noscript fallbacks; introduce add_noscript_fallback sanitizer param to control whether fallbacks are added; prevent using img as noscript if it uses the HTTP protocol. See #2131. Props westonruter, felixarntz.
  • Introduce filter to normalize image URLs used for dimension extraction. See #1960. Props alexrah, westonruter.
  • Make element IDs unique in cloned elements for sticky nav menu in Twenty Seventeen. See #2009. Props westonruter.
  • Add support for Archives widget block when displaying as dropdown; fix display of Categories block. See #2018. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent over-eager removal of parents of invalid elements by considering attributes. See #2051. Props westonruter.
  • Eliminate comments walker in favor of comments sanitizer. See #1878. Props swissspidy, westonruter.
  • Prevent placeholder blocks for audio and image from causing validation errors. See #2090. Props westonruter.

Theme Support

  • Fix ambiguity in matching templates by incorporating template priority order from core. See #1938. Props westonruter.
  • Use same regex as WordPress for template hierarchy filters. See #1876. Props swissspidy.
  • Add prototype service worker streaming for AMP documents. See #1503. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent serving AMP for post embeds. See #1934. Props westonruter.

Reader Mode

  • Add CSS style to support RTL language in frontend. See #1674. Props mostafaabd.
  • Remove Merriweather font in favor of Georgia, eliminating external stylesheet to improve performance. See #1748. Props westonruter.
  • Remove “Powered by WordPress” in classic footer template. See #1837. Props westonruter.


  • Use more permanent redirects for AMP URLs. See #1857. Props westonruter.
  • Add ETag to post-processor response with support for 304 status. See #1481. Props westonruter.
  • Add double quotes around the ETag header value; recognize multiple quoted ETags in If-None-Match header. See #1829. Props ataylorme, westonruter.
  • Use of use home_url() instead of site_url() where applicable. See #1816. Props felixarntz, westonruter.
  • Avoid infinite URL space under /amp/ endpoint in classic mode. See #1846. Props westonruter.

Validation and Compatibility Tool

  • Add source information for Embeds; discontinue extracting iframe from paragraphs. See #1468. Props westonruter.
  • Add Must-Use Plugins source in summaries. See #1469. Props westonruter.
  • Improve AMP validation performance by not needlessly doing output buffering on filter calls. See #1795. Props westonruter, felixarntz.
  • Improve validation of children. See #1860. Props miina, westonruter.

CSS Processing

  • Add attribute-based CSS selector tree shaking. See #2080. Props westonruter.
  • Expand externalization of data: URLs in @font-face rules, which further reduces total CSS in Twenty Nineteen. See #2079. Props westonruter.
  • Fix tree shaking for dynamically-added class names. See #1959. Props westonruter.
  • Add tree shaking for :lang() selectors. See #1901. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent tree-shaking class names for amp-geo when component on page. See #2017. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent erroneously converting form to amp-form in CSS selectors. See #2130. Props westonruter.
  • Strip old-school CDATA and HTML comments from XHTML-compatible style elements. See #1844. Props westonruter.
  • Suppress style[amp-custom] manifest HTML comment when not WP_DEBUG. See #1843. Props westonruter, swissspidy.
  • Exclude duplicate stylesheets from amp-custom style manifest. See #1858. Props westonruter.
  • Fall-back to HTTP request whenever stylesheet is not found locally or a dynamic resource. See #1852. Props westonruter, felixarntz.
  • Improve grammar in description of tree shaking option. See #1802. Props danielmcclure.

Infrastructure, Technical Debt, and Code Cleanup

  • Update coding standards and fix all violations. See #1810. Props felixarntz, westonruter.
  • Check if WP_CLI is defined and true before registering a WP-CLI command. See #1746. Props srtfisher.
  • Work around edge case combination of PHP 7.2+ with old ICU version. See #1987. Props swissspidy.
  • Fix tests in environments where custom content directory is set and WP_HOME/WP_SITEURL is defined. See #1848. Props westonruter, felixarntz.
  • Instruct wp-dev-lib to check all files not just those in patch. See #1822. Props westonruter.
  • Drop unnecessary sanitize_hex_color() polyfill. See #1817. Props felixarntz.
  • Remove unused $args variable. See #1835. Props paulschreiber.
  • Use constants instead of strings in AMP_Post_Meta_Box::sanitize_status(). See #1805. Props paulschreiber.
  • Add required PHPUnit testsuite name. See #1875. Props swissspidy.
  • Add Security Disclosures section from amphtml project to See #1854. Props westonruter.
  • Run tests using PHP 7.3 on Travis CI. See #1818. Props swissspidy.
  • Update See #2027. Props swissspidy.
  • Discontinue showing theme support admin pointer in 1.1. See #2059. Props westonruter.


  • Improve I18N strings. See #1866. Props swissspidy.
  • Improve readability of non-ASCII characters in metadata by using JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE. See #1997. Props ziodave.
  • Consolidate translator comments for forgotten URLs string. See #1819. Props swissspidy.
  • Remove changelog from readme to facilitate translation. See #1872. Props swissspidy.
  • Fix displaying commenter name when contains accented characters by using JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE. See #1811. Props swissspidy.

Misc Bugfixes

  • Fix printing of PHP upgrade notice. See #2071. Props westonruter.
  • Fix stray semicolon in AMP_Analytics_Options_Submenu. See #2037. Props swissspidy.
  • Fix warning triggered when filtering Kses allowed attributes. See #1976. Props fumikito.
  • Fix invoking is_amp_endpoint() when there is no WP_Query. See #1930. Props westonruter.


  • Configure Renovate, pin dependencies, and keep dependencies up to date. See #1712, #1752, #1942, and many others. Props renovate-bot.
  • Update PHP-CSS-Parser to 8.3.0. See #1842. Props westonruter.
  • Switch to installing wp-dev-lib via composer instead of via submodule. See #1131. Props westonruter, kasparsd, felixarntz.
  • Update ESLint configuration. See #1870. Props swissspidy.
  • Update Webpack to v4, install webpack-cli. See #1869. Props swissspidy.
  • Bump minimum PHP version requirement to 5.4 and include FasterImage library dynamically. See #1809. Props felixarntz, westonruter.
  • Bump 'Tested up to' in readme.txt to WordPress 5.1. See #1923. Props westonruter.
  • Use version 2.1 of WPCS. See #1868, #2108. Props swissspidy.
  • Add missing FasterImage and Stream vendor dependencies in builds. See #1841. Props westonruter.
  • Add PHP extension dependencies to composer.json. See #1992. Props swissspidy.
  • Run npm audit fix. See #1892. Props swissspidy.
  • Pin npm-run-all to 4.1.5. See #1890. Props westonruter.

AMP Spec Updates

  • Update allowed tags/attributes from spec in amphtml 1903141753530. See #2004. Props westonruter.
  • Update allowed tags/attributes from spec in amphtml v1903070012530. See #1951. Props westonruter.
  • Update amphtml from v1902072121410 to v1902191749350. See #1891. Props westonruter.
  • Update AMP spec from v1811202257200 to v1902072121410. See #1862. Props westonruter.
  • Update amphtml to v1903262220080. See #2041. Props westonruter.
  • Update amphtml to v1904021746450, including experimental support for amp-script. See #2129. Props westonruter.


Thanks to the code contributors to this release:

Alberto Medina (amedina), Alessandro Stoppato (alexrah), Andrew Taylor (ataylorme), Daniel McClure (danielmcclure), David Riccitelli (ziodave), Felix Arntz (felixarntz), Miina Sikk (miina), Mostafa (mostafaabd), Pascal Birchler (swissspidy), Paul Schreiber (paulschreiber), Ryan Kienstra (kienstra), Sean Fisher (srtfisher), Takahashi Fumiki (fumikito), and Weston Ruter (westonruter).

Thanks as well to those who reported issues and those who tested beta versions during this release.

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