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1.2 Release Candidate 1

@westonruter westonruter released this
· 11742 commits to develop since this release
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This is the first release candidate of the AMP plugin with AMP Stories editor. For an overview of the editor for AMP Stories, please see the AMP Stories Experimental docs.

For AMP Stories, there have been 36+ pull requests merged since 1.2-beta2. Some changes to highlight include:

  • AMP Stories can now be used exclusively, without needing to also use AMP for the rest of the website. The AMP settings screen now has checkboxes for the “Website” and “Stories” experiences, allowing you to pick which are appropriate for your site. The Stories experience is marked as BETA because this feature is new and much more is planned than is included in this MVP first release, not mentioning improvements to come from user feedback. See #2470, #2550.
  • Allow dragging of entire blocks, eliminating the drag handle. See #2389.
  • Add story page templates for fandom vertical. See #2479.
  • Improve "Resolve Block" flow when block validation errors occur. See #2484.
  • Add a new image size that is optimized for the story page height, eliminating the use of the oversized full image, and thus saving bandwidth. Add warning when adding a video to a page background when it is larger than 1MB per second. See #2509.
  • Fix ability to duplicate story pages. See #2540.
  • Let newly-added blank pages omit the initial Text block that is present when starting new stories. See #2633.

👉 Please note that old stories authored in previous releases will likely appear with block validation errors in the editor. This is because the block format has been in flux during development, but once 1.2 stable is released then backwards compatibility for old block formats will be maintained.

For general AMP changes, there have been 15+ pull requests merged since 1.2-beta2. Some changes to highlight include:

  • The “Native” mode has been renamed as “Standard”. This is the AMP-first website experience, where the “Transitional” mode is paired AMP scheme that can be used on the road to going AMP-first. The Reader mode remains as is with its classic templates. See #2507, #2550.
  • Always allow switching between Standard, Transitional, and Reader modes even on sites that are defined with amp theme support; the default mode will correspond to what the theme defines (with add_theme_support('amp') defaulting to Standard, and add_theme_support('amp', ['paired' => true]) defaulting to Transitional), but the user can always override based on their site's needs. See #2312, #2550, #2622.
  • Suppress admin bar from being shown during validation requests. See #2500.
  • Always perform CSS tree shaking, regardless of total size. This removes the tree shaking checkbox from the admin screen. See #2508. See #2536.
  • Update AMP validator spec to v1905292322390. See #2537.
  • Prevent sending response through post-processor if Content-Type is not text/html. This fixes integration with plugins that generate non-HTML templates, like XML sitemaps. See #2536.
  • Fix layout of Gallery as amp-carousel. See #2505.

Please review the v1.2 milestone for what else to expect in the subsequent stable release. See also diff 1.2-beta2...1.2-RC1.

To test AMP Stories, you will need the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin installed (v5.8+ specifically), since the AMP Stories editor uses bleeding-edge features of WordPress's block editor which are not yet in a WordPress core release. You can then install the build below by uploading it in the WordPress admin. Once active, enable the AMP Stories feature from the AMP admin settings screen.

To install as a Git submodule, consider 1.2-RC1-built.

The 1.2 stable release is due by June 20th, 2019.